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May 17, 2011
My ATV 4K normally uses a pair of HomePods as default audio output. Occasionally I need to use my headphones with H1 chip.

Here's the weird part, when I unfold the headphones the ATV will first say "Solo Pro connected" and after a second or two then show a separate prompt to press the home button to connect.

Can anybody explain what's going on and how this can be fixed? It's not a big problem, and it always works, it's just a bit, well, weird. If it connects automatically it shouldn't need to prompt again, and if it doesn't why does it initially say that they are connected?


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Nov 17, 2017
Are they actually paired BEFORE you press the Home button (can you hear audio through them) and pessing the button is just redundant? Or do they not actually connect (in spite of the ATV saying they're connected) until you press the Home button?
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