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Oct 29, 2008
I am trying to make these resources for a while. The store have replaced my iPhone 8 Plus by a new one, so I am discarding hardware physical failure. Also there is no Apple support near my home, so I will give a chance to some home solution once more time.

By the way, I tried to get help in Apple's discussions in my own language. There is more people (of course) with the same problem. But the answer is to contact all other devices, try firmware update, because they have to follow Apple's specifications and not the opposite. Not sure if they really read the answers because the op was clear about multiply devices problem, tests, etc.. Anyway, just sharing our difficulties with Apple's community, I won't even try myself...

So, my NFC is working, but when tested with double click in the back (was informed the input device is the same). When I try to pay trough contactless payment, there is communication between the machine and my iPhone. Also there is no error message, the card shows up and it seems all normal, just don't talk with the machine.

My Bluetooth is also working, by have problems with sound. This problem is newer than NFC, maybe due to some minor iOS update. I need to stay real close to the audio device, like carry the iPhone in my hands to hear with headphones, or at the side of my Bluetooth box. I have tested this devices with other Smartphone and it works ok, wide range.

My iPhone is a white 8 Plus, with iOS 15.1 (19B74). Any ideas?


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Jun 14, 2009
I'm not experiencing this issue on my 13 mini with iOS 15.1, 15.2 and 15.2.1. Maybe try updating iOS to 15.2.1?

Don't count out that the replacement phone doesn't have a hardware issue. Not saying you have this issue but I've had the bluetooth range issue in one of my previous iPhones. It wouldn't connect to my car system over bluetooth and had short range to my AirPods. When I pressed on the back of the phone, it started working properly and the range was fine.

I took my device into the Apple store and they ran a diagnostic and of course, the diagnostic reported everything was good. I even showed them the issue and it still took a while to convince them to replace my phone. Once they replaced it, everything was fine with the replacement phone.
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